Aquatic Life Guarantee

Island Fish & Reef:  Conditional Aquatic Life Guarantee Policy

Island Fish & Reef (IFR) strives to provide our clients with the finest quality aquatic life available.  We believe in the sustainability of marine life collection and continue to push towards a more ecologically friendly industry.

That is why IFR offers our aquarium maintenance clients up to a 14-Day guarantee of all fish, coral, invertebrates and live plants purchased from, delivered and acclimated by IFR. IFR will gladly furnish a replacement of equal value in the rare event of a loss.  So if a suitable match is unavailable, a credit towards the future purchase of aquatic life will be issued.

 Terms and Conditions:

  • Aquarium maintenance clients who receive service 2 or more times per month enjoy a 14 day aquatic life guarantee. Maintenance clients who receive service 1 time per month enjoy a 7 day guarantee.

  • There is no guarantee if client picked up and/or acclimated animals .

  • IFR must be notified of any losses within the specified time period. No claim will be honored if you have not contacted us within the guarantee period.  This period starts when we release your aquatic life into the aquarium.

  • Notification must be via email or by calling (631) 467-FISH (3474) only. Please do not notify your aquarium technician’s personal cell phone.

  • Client is responsible to remove any lost aquatic life from the aquarium immediately.

  • You are provided with a net to remove any lost aquatic life. Failure to remove any losses from the aquarium will void your claim.

  • Do not discard the deceased item without authorization. You must place in a freezer or clearly photographe on a dry, flat surface with a digital camera remains .  You may email your photos to or   Failure to do so will void all guarantees.

  • If a client requests an IFR aquarium technician to remove any aquatic life on a non-scheduled service, the client will incur an $85 service charge.

  • Credit is valid for 6 months from the date it is issued. All credits issued are at management discretion.

  • You can use a credit for replacement or against any aquatic life purchase.

  • Upon request, you must give IFR the opportunity to investigate the aquarium and filtration components before accepting the claim.

  • Customer neglect or abuse such as overfeeding, underfeeding, allowing pumps to run dry, etc. will void anguarantee.

  • Islandy Fish & Reef will not credit or replace established aquatic life that may have been injured or become ill as a result of the introduction of new animals. Aquatic life introduced into an established aquarium may become aggressive or be attacked upon its release.

  • Animals lost or damaged due to aggression or predation are not covered under this guarantee, as each individual fish may vary in behavior. There must be no signs of physical trauma, such as torn fins, scratches, or bite marks.  Your technician will help you navigate adding new aquatic life in this case.


  • Any losses of replacement animals are the responsibility of the client.We could not guarantee. You can apply for a credit one time replacement only.

  • Live plants are not guaranteed to be snail-free.

  • IFR is not responsible for any claims that result from a power outage or “act of God” that lasts longer than 3 hours.

  • We are not responsible for any losses due to animals escaping the aquarium.

  • IFR is not responsible for animals lost during the cycling of a new aquarium.

  • Our company is not responsible for any injuries that may result from human contact with aquatic animals.

  • IFR is not responsible for aquatic life loss or disease due to the introduction of animals from an outside source.

Guarantee Restrictions:

We could not guarantee certain species for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Some species have been have an exceptionally high mortality rate in captivity. Due to their sensitive nature, IFR requests these animals remain in the wild.

  • Some species do not handle stress from environmental conditions well. These stressors may include poor water quality, aggression from tank mates, confined aquarium conditions, or other factors.  When stressed, these species can lose the ability to ward off infection and disease.

  • Some species have highly specialized feeding requirements and are frequently victims of malnutrition.

We handle the all restricted aquatic life on an individual basis and clearly state on client invoice as “Exempt from Aquatic Life Guarantee” (EALG) .  Please, consult with your aquarium technician.  Customers requesting any of these animals waive any responsibility on the part of IFR for aquatic life losses normally covered within our 14-Day replacement period.

Aquarium Supplies Warranty:

Most of the aquarium supplies sold by IFR come with a standard manufacturers’ warranty.    IFR only offers products from manufacturers’ who exhibit superior customer service and support.  If for any reason you are not happy or if you are unable to contact them, please let us know.