Aquarium installation

Are you looking for a great residential, institutional, or commercial aquarium to your home or office space? Check out our aquarium installation. We would like to make your fantasy a reality.

As Island Fish & Reef specializes in creating saltwater, freshwater, planted, and coral reef environments.  And our creative designs create one-of-a-kind aquariums for any setting. Furthermore, our expertise allows us to specialize in custom residential, institutional or commercial installations as well as remote filtration options or standard installations.That is why our team is ready to work with you from concept to completion.

Moreover, Island Fish & Reef installs all the necessary aquarium equipment for reef, freshwater or saltwater tanks to provide the most effective life support system to ensure success.

aquarium installation

aquarium installation

We coordinate our services of aquarium installation with designers, architects, builders, plumbers, and electricians. Because we sure to provide our srvice with a sustainable environment where your aquatic investment will flourish and your demand for quality will be met.

In addition, our designs incorporate elements of your existing space to ensure complete satisfaction of aquarium installation.

So bring the beauty and enhancement of the deep sea to your home or office with one of our custom elegant aquariums.  Relax and watch vibrant fish swimming or a beautiful live reef tank.
Relaxing clients while they wait for a scheduled appointment is an intricate part of doing business. Nothing calms someone’s nerves quite like a serene underwater scene in an office fish tank. Accenting your taste by adding a custom aquarium tells a prospective client that he or she is in good hands.  

Whether a public library, assisted living facility, or educational facility, Island Fish & Reef has the skill, creativity, and extensive experience to meet budget demands and deliver an extremely impressive aquarium that will enhance any area.

 Our services are available throughout the New York Area.

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