Aquarium maintenance

Aquarium MaintenanceAquarium maintenance is one of the most popular services in our company.

Our target is help maintain healthy and beautiful aquarium. That is why our team can keep the most unique fish with everything they need. And corals, plants  too. 

  So our aquarium maintenance program makes everything easier because of regularly scheduled appointments for aquarium maintenance.  Furthermore these appointments work around your busy schedule.

Having a party? You can make an emergency appointment for any special occasions. Let us to clean your aquarium to show off it to your friends and family. It is just a phone call away. And we will be happy to serve you.

Moreover, we will take care of cleaning your aquarium, aquarium equipment and , as well, even deliver new livestock. All our animals surely are quarantinized.

Certainly, our aquarium maintenance vehicles come to you, fully stocked. In other words, we come to you with osmosed water, filters, pumps, testing equipment, conditioners, and plumbing parts for any situation. Moreover, we also provide various fish foods, medications, and animals upon request.

Furthermore, we have highly trained staff that are available for customer questions, emergencies and any special need that may occur. That is why we currently cater to the needs to hundreds of residential, commercial, and institutional clients throughout the New York/Long Island area.  

So our maintenance package includes, but are not limited to:

  • Livestock evaluation
  • Water testing
  • Water Changing
  • Clean or replace filter components
  • Add trace elements
  • Add vitamins and other supplements
  • Gravel wash
  • Equipment adjustments
  • Clean exterior of aquarium
  • Clean interior of aquarium

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