• Island Fish & Reef offers aquarium and pond enthusiasts a comprehensive and unique selection of livestock, accessories, supplies, and equipment.

  • Full-line, fully integrated company that deals exclusively in fish, coral, aquariums, and ponds.

  • Serving everyone from the fist time fish keeper to the advanced hobbyist. By appointment only.

  • Professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable staff.

  • We carry both fresh and saltwater fish, live plants, corals, invertebrates, and livestock.

  • We offer design, delivery, setup, installation, stocking, and maintenance on any size aquarium or pond.

  • Custom orders and installations available.

  • New York’s premier aquarium and pond installation and maintenance service.

  • Satisfied clients range from residential to institutional and commercial facilities.

Aquarium Service

Island Fish & Reef stocks hundreds of species of fresh and saltwater fish. In addition, we have the largest selections of live plants, corals, livestock, and invertebrates on Long Island.

We regularly bring in a variety of species from Bali, Hawaii, Australia, Sri Lanka, Africa, the Caribbean, and Fiji.

Island Fish & Reef is your one-stop-shop for all things aquatic. So, our company offer the highest quality aquatic merchandise at the best value, with outstanding customer aquarium service and support.

More over, we sell only top-quality, brand-name equipment, supplies, accessories, supplements, and decorations.

Besides, Island Fish & Reef offers a wide variety of foods, including flakes, pellets, algae and frozen foods.

That is why Island Fish & Reef is proud to offer a water delivery service for your freshwater, saltwater, planted, or coral aquascape. We can set up a regularly scheduled water delivery service no matter what your personal schedule is. Because the protection your livestock investment and receive the best for your tank.


Particularly, reverse osmosis and deionized water always available salted or fresh. Your aquarium shouldn’t be a hassle. Let us do the work for you! Complete maintenance staff and a fleet of trucks equipped and ready to serve. Regularly scheduled appointments are available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

We currently service over 300 residential, commercial and institutional clients throughout Long Island.
And our packages starting as low as $100 a month.
Undoubtedly, fully licensed and insured.


Bring the enchantment of the deep sea to your home or office with an elegant aquarium from Island Fish & Reef. All phases of standard and custom installations available, including remote filtration.

Moving? Don’t leave your aquarium behind! Oroket-antena-unguur vans are equipped to keep your water warm and oxygenated So we keep your fish healthy while we relocate your aquarium for you! Let us enhance your home or office. We have an opportunity to do it with a customized water feature that promotes relaxation and stress-reduction while creating immeasurable serenity, tranquility, and beauty. So our experts install proper filtration to ensure a sustainable ecosystem and to promote fish health and longevity. In addition, to new construction, we also remodel existing water features.



Also Island Fish & Reef also carries a full line of pond supplies, equipment, food, and a wide variety of Koi and other pond animals.

Moreover, the full range of maintenance available, from new ponds to established water features.
Spring startup and Fall shutdown specialists.
Island Fish & Reef offers the means and know-how to keep your livestock happy and healthy.

Your pond should be maintained by professionals who understand pond animals and water chemistry.

Testimonials: Read testimonials from our clients – their satisfaction is as important to us as yours!

Image Gallery: Browse through images of our work – no two aquariums or ponds are alike but our dedication to quality service always remains the same.