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Aquarium service has been proudly provided by Island Fish and Reef Company for over a decade.  We are a full-line company that deals exclusively in aquariums, fish, coral, and plants. Island Fish & Reef was originally founded in October of 2003 as Suffolk County Fish and Reef.  We believe in a combination of creative aquarium design and expertise along with superior service and support for creating aquariums. And we offer immeasurable serenity and beauty while promoting livestock health and longevity.  

Island Fish & Reef offers design, delivery, setup, installation, stocking and maintenance any size aquarium or pond with installations and remote filtration options available.  Moreover, as a New York’s premiere fish and aquarium distribution center, Island Fish & Reef currently services over 300 aquariums in the New York area. Moreover, all our clients are fully licensed and insured.  Our clients include hospitals, schools, nursing homes, libraries, as well as commercial and private residences.

With a highly skilled staff and a fleet of trucks equipped and ready to serve, Island Fish & Reef offers regularly scheduled appointments available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Island Fish & Reef prides itself on being able to provide customers with a one-stop aquarium service experience. In addition, we based on its supply of the highest quality aquatic merchandise and foods at the best value.  We regularly buy quality corals, plants, marine and freshwater fish from  Bali, Australia, the Caribbean, and Fiji.

Island Fish & Reef specializes in unique and intriguing designs of freshwater, saltwater, coral reef and planted aquariums.  The company also offers aquarium services that will remodel your existing aquarium. Moreover, we can relocate your existing aquarium to a new location.  Island Fish & Reef strives to ensure the gold standard of quality and aquarium service to best suit your needs.

So Island Fish & Reef has been and continues to be the leader in the aquarium industry by providing our customers with quality livestock, outstanding service and support, and the aquarium service they deserve.