Since being founded in 2003, we have been providing the best in quality aquarium installation and maintenance as well as quality service. Today, we strive to provide knowledgeable service with installations all over throughout New York and Long Island. Don’t believe us? Take it from these satisfied and loyal customers that have been with us from the beginning:

“The appearance and condition of the aquarium has never been better…I can certainly recommend Island Fish & Reef to anyone seeking outstanding service from a reliable and trustworthy aquarium maintenance company.” – Custom Computers Specialists, Inc.

“We have a 90-gallon African Cichlid tank that separates two Executive offices; it adds the perfect combination of beauty and serenity to our work environment. Your dedicated maintenance staff takes extreme pride in the work they perform…We receive so many compliments from all our visiting partners and customers…Thank you for providing excellent customer service and a pleasurable experience both professionally and personally.” – Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.

“I have been going to Island Fish & Reef for over 2 years. To say that they have been helpful, skillful, and fair would be an understatement. As a child my dream was to have a large saltwater aquarium in my home and SCFR has made that dream a reality. My family and guests can’t take our eyes off the beautiful 150-gallon aquarium and it has truly become the centerpiece of my home. For me it’s like having my best snorkeling trip in the Caribbean every day without leaving my home. If you have ever considered bringing an aquarium into your home and were worried about the expense, maintenance or overall difficulty, you need to go to SCFR and see for yourself how easy and rewarding this hobby is. Even if you don’t buy a thing you will enjoy looking around at the most beautiful collection of underwater species around.” – Paul Caravello (via e-mail)

“I purchased my 155gal. saltwater set-up from Island Fish & Reef in September 2008 and have been an extremely satisfied customer since… Corey and [the staff] are very knowledgeable, take the extra time to answer your questions, and won’t sell you items you don’t need just to make a sale. Their professional, courteous, and knowledgeable crew delivered and fully set my tank up exceeding my expectations…I routinely and exclusively go to SCF&R for all my aquarium needs…I highly recommend SCF&R. I am confident you will receive the same positive, professional, and courteous service that I have received.” – Tom Johnston (via e-mail)

“Island Fish & Reef, we would like to thank you for the beautiful reef tank you supplied to our home. From the first set up to what our tank looks like now and the maintenance you supplied we just have to say thank you and we have no regrets. Visiting their store for reef products and corals you are greeted by friendliness and respect. They are trustworthy and reliable in your home and at the store. I highly recommend Suffolk County Fish & Reef to anyone who wants an aquarium or just to buy products from the store.” – The Smith Family (via e-mail)

“We are very satisfied with Island Fish & Reef. Their technicians and employees are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable and we would surely recommend them for aquarium upkeep.” – United Pet Group


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